Paracelsus-Apotheke Chemnitz
Caring for your health and wellness!

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 161
09127 Chemnitz
(Gablenz / Beimlergebiet)
phone: 0371 - 722143
fax: 0371 - 7259521
email: paracelsus-apotheke(at)

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Mo - Fr: 8 a.m. -   6 p.m.
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Our business' activities

Like you find in our motto, we are caring for your health and wellness. An individual and competent consulatation for each patient therefore has priority for us.

We measure your
      blood sugar (date arrangement recommended),
      blood pressure,
      body-mass-index (BMI) and much more.

      measure up your compression stockings & bandages competently,
      prepare your individual recipes according to current standards,
      check your car's first-aid kit and replace the necessary parts for you,
      give you medical advice on various themes, for instance nutrition, vaccination and medical body care,
      help preparing your journey,
      advice you on homoeopathy and the like,
      help you to identify plants (suspicion of poisoning),
      work for you during pharmaceutical emergency services at night and on holiday: see the actual schedule.

We lend
      baby scales,
      electrical breast pumps,
      electrical vaporizers (Pariboy®).

We keep in stock many pharmaceuticals, biochemic cell salts, cosmetics, medical devices like modern blood pressure- and blood sugar apparatus and much more. Should anything be missing anyhow, we order it for you as fast as possible, normaly within only a few hours. Our friendly delivery service can bring your medicine to your home in case of illness or physical disability. You are welcome to preorder your medicine by phone.

As costumer you also have many advantages: You will receive all quittances together for your health insurance and the finance authority, we can easily check on interactions with concomitant medication, find medicine you already got to avoid repeated changing and much more. An entry into our costumer file adds to your drug safety and will of course be treated confidentially. Your personal information is not passed to a third party. For further information please feel free to ask us.

For our costumers we keep the following customer magazines in stock:

'Apotheken Umschau'
edition A

'Apotheken Umschau'
edition B

'Diabetiker Ratgeber'

'Senioren Ratgeber'

'BABY und Familie'



'Neue Apotheken-Illustrierte'

For paying you can use your ec card beside cash. We ask you to use ec card not for amounts less than 5€. For medical practices, care retirement homes and business clients we offer payment on invoice of course. Ask us.

Furthermore, as participant of the BSW bonus system we charge your purchase value to your BSW account when you present your member card. Excluded by law are co-payments, prescription drugs and pharmacy-only drugs and medical devices at the expense of statutary or private health insurances.

As we cannot illustrate all of our feautures on this website, please inform yourself personally during your next visit at our pharmacy. Our team is looking forward to see you!

exterior view of Paracelsus-Apotheke Chemnitz
exterior view of Paracelsus-Apotheke Chemnitz

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