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Review of our festival week
'40 years Paracelsus-Apotheke Chemnitz'
(4th to 9th July 2011)

directly to    the pictures   the program of the festival week   the invitations to the lectures

During our festival week we received a lot of kindly gratulations and flowers from you, we were delighted at. Unfortunately we cannot show photos of all your greetings, but in the following we provided a selection of the wonderful sea of flowers. Further down you can have a look at our program and our invitations to the lectures for patients concerning biochemic cell salts and diabetes. We would like to thank all participants for their interest and the positive feedback in our pharmacy.

selected photos

anniversary's greetings  01  anniversary's greetings  02  anniversary's greetings  03

anniversary's greetings  04  anniversary's greetings  05  anniversary's greetings  07

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overview: program of the festival week

Monday, 04th of July 2011:
issue „health of bones and teeth“: osteoporosis, calcium, vitamin D, gingival bleeding, toothache, aphthae, teething - strong bones and teeth - it is a pleasure for us to advice you!

Tuesday, 05th of July 2011:
issue „naturally healthy“: tea tasting - try new tea mixtures; let us advice you to phytotherapy, biochemic cell salts and homoeopathy; gain an inside into folk medicine

6:30 p.m. lecture "biochemic cell salts in everyday life“
speaker Mr. Dietrich Mühlberg, alternative practitioner from Dresden - please reserve in advance in our pharmacy until 1st of July! (*)

Wednesday, 06th of July 2011:
issue „healthy food“: among others determination of your BMI in addition to blood pressure measurement free of charge; we inform aboutdietary supplement, drugs for veins, helps for loosing weight, vitamins, minerals and much more (try magnesium drugs)

Thursday, 07th of July 2011:
issue „diabetes“: among others determination of your BMI in addition to blood sugar measurement free of charge; diabetes & skin

6:30 p.m. lecture „diabetes“
speaker: Mr. OMR Dr. Manfred Bock, internist from Chemnitz - please reserve in advance in our pharmacy until 4th of July! (*)

Friday, 08th July 2011:
issue „healthy on journeys“: we help you to arrange your first-aid kit and inform about vaccination, sun protection and more

Saturday, 09th of July 2011:
tasting of candy - have a sweet weekend

(*) Please note: you get the writing and information material for the lectures from us. We are looking forward to the evenings with you in a comfortable round.

Furthermore you find during the whole week:
- For children up to an age of 12 years there is a painting competition: „Paint a wonderful flower bouquet for the birthday of   your pharmacy“
  deadline 9th of July 2011 12 p.m. Each participant gets a gratitude for submitting his picture (A4); each picture is presented   in the pharmacy; the winner gets a great prize
- For the young and old:
  many discounts, surprises (matching the issue of the day), skin advice (skin types, zinc, diseases of the skin, sun   protection, wound management), home medicine chest check-up, riddle, tests and more
- For interested youth:
  pharmaceutical professions – we inform about them and help you with your career choice

invitations to our lectures for patients

invitation to our lecture 'diabetes'    invitation to our lecture 'Biochemic cell salts'

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